Numerous tests in the last decades have proven Jojoba to be a safe and highly praised ingredient in a huge array of cosmetic products. Due to the inherent molecular characters pure natural Jojoba has an extraordinary long shelf life and does not need any stabilizer or preservatives.

In Skin Care Products
Jojoba easily dissolves into the lipid layer thereby preventing moisture loss and improving skin elasticity. It can be used pure or as a valuable ingredient in any kind of formulation.Jojoba is exceptionally mild to sensitive skin, as well as baby, pre-damaged or mature skin. In baby care formulations Jojoba can replace glycerin.
The inherent SPF of 4 helps naturally in sun care products. Further Jojoba reduces inflammation and flaking. As Jojoba cannot be metabolized by most skin resident bacteria it helps in healing processes and the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis and atopic eczema.

Jojoba in Hair Care Products
Jojoba penetrates scalp and hair follicles without clogging of pores or any built-up. Traditionally it has been used in hair care to smooth the surface of the hair, helping with split ends and benefiting the hair with lustre, and improved compatibility.